Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Placement Options: Your Mystic River cold plunge is versatile and can be placed either indoors or outdoors. Choose the location that best suits your preferences and available space.

Insulative Spa Cover: Rest assured, your Mystic River comes equipped with an insulative spa cover. This cover helps maintain water temperature and ensures energy efficiency.

Outdoor Considerations: If you decide to place your Mystic River outside, we recommend positioning it in the shade. Shade helps protect the tub and prolong its lifespan.

Direct Sunlight: In cases where your Mystic River must be exposed to direct sunlight, we advise purchasing a complete cover. This additional cover provides extra protection against UV rays and weather elements.

Residential Use: For residential users who plunge daily, we recommend changing the water every 3 to 4 weeks. Regular water changes help maintain water quality and ensure a refreshing experience.

Commercial Centers: If you operate a commercial center, your water change frequency may need to be more frequent. Consider changing the water daily or weekly, depending on usage volume.

Proactive Measures: To prolong the time between water changes:

  • Rinse off before entering your Mystic River, especially if you've used a sauna or engaged in exercise.
  • Be aware that transitioning directly from a sauna to the Mystic River may necessitate more frequent water changes.

Commercial Center Etiquette: For commercial centers, encourage patrons to rinse after sauna or exercise before entering the Mystic River. This promotes water cleanliness and enhances everyone's experience.

Mystic River Cold Tub offers a sophisticated feature: the 2-Speed Variable Rate Flow System. With this system, you have the ability to adjust the flow rate during use, allowing precise self-regulation. Not only can you tailor it around temperature preferences, but also consider thermal layer disruption. Rest assured, your Mystic River Cold Tub comes standard with a high flow rate, ensuring maximum adaptability and benefits.

The water in the Mystic River Cold Tub cools at a consistent rate of 11°F to 13°F per hour. Once it reaches the desired temperature, it can maintain that level around the clock, providing you with the convenience to enjoy an invigorating ice bath whenever you choose.

Elevated Design and End Drain: The Mystic River Cold Tub boasts an elevated design, making it ideal for commercial settings. With the end drain, efficient water removal is a breeze.

Effortless Draining Process: For busy commercial spaces, we've simplified maintenance. The drain attachment, accessible when you open the door for filter changes, ensures hassle-free draining. Connect a hose, turn the valve, and flip the switch—we don't rely on undersized drains or gravity. Draining takes approximately 15 minutes.

Garden Hose Compatibility: The drain conveniently attaches to a standard garden hose. Refilling the tub takes approximately 15-20 minutes (depending on water pressure). Once filled, allow time for the water to reach your desired temperature setting, and your Mystic River Cold Tub is ready for use!

All Mystic River requires a 120V 20 Amp Dedicated GFCI outlet.

The Mystic River cold plunge offers a customizable temperature range, allowing you to adjust it between 36°F and 107°F. With this flexibility, you have complete control over your invigorating cold plunge experience.

Installing your Mystic River Cold Tub on an upper floor is possible, but there are important considerations:

Weight and Sturdiness: Keep in mind that the Mystic River is substantial in weight (450lbs), especially when filled with water. Ensure that the floor can support this weight. A sturdy surface is essential to prevent any structural issues.

Professional Consultation: If you're uncertain about your floor's capacity, it's advisable to consult a structural engineer or a professional installer. They can assess the load-bearing capacity and provide guidance specific to your location.

Water Weight: Water weighs approximately 8 pounds per gallon. Considering that Mystic River cold tubs can hold as much as 190 gallons, the total weight can be significant. Remember, safety and proper installation are paramount. Seek professional advice to ensure a secure and worry-free experience with your Mystic River Cold Tub.

Team Assistance: We recommend having a 4-6-person team to assist with the placement of your Mystic River. While the tub arrives fully assembled, having a team ensures efficient and safe positioning. Ask us about our moving package!

White Glove Service: For added convenience, you can opt for our white glove service. With this premium offering, our professionals handle the entire process—from placement to installation—without requiring you to hire additional movers. Please note that the white glove service is available for an additional fee.

The lead time for purchasing a Mystic River Cold Tub is approximately 4 to 6 weeks, excluding shipping time. When placing your order, feel free to inquire about specific details. Shipping typically takes around 1 to 2 weeks.